Popular Tours and Activities

Day hiking around Huaraz and inside Huascarán National Park

Huaraz and the surrounding area has a infinite number of day hikes, too many to really list. We try to provide as much information and support as possible for our day hikers, including a fairly comprehensive list of destinations, maps and information to help you with transportation. Most are made ether directly from the hostal or with a short Comvie ride. Some of the more popular day hikes are to the ruins, lookouts, canyons, lakes and glaciers around Huaraz. These include Pukaventana Lookout, The María Josefa Trail, and a number of valleys and lakes including Aguak - 4580m, Churup - 4485m, Llaca - 4470m, Laguna 69 - 4550m, Willcacocha - 3700m, Antacocha - 3800m and Laguna Paron - 4140m.

Some of the more popular activities and tours available Huaraz and Huascarán National Park

This season we have decided to partner with, Peru Expeditions, Huascarán Wilderness Adventures and Hatun Machay to provide a complete catalogue of outdoor activities and expeditions into the Cordillera Blanca, Huascarán National Park (HNP) and the Huayhuash reserve. With years of local knowledge and experience helping our guests organize their stay in Huaraz, we feel like we can help you partner up with the right provider for the right trip… a safe, enjoyable, outdoor experience.

If you have special needs or are interested in customizing a tour or in doing something not on the list above, please contact us to let us know.

*Requires a Two Person minimum
** Requires a Four Person minimum