Insane High Altitude Mountaineering…

Mountaineering and Ice Climbing

Clustered peaks dot the horizon in any direction from any vantage point. Huaraz revolves around mountaineering, and its community welcomes guests in the tradition of climbers everywhere.  Easy access to high altitude terrain, climbing guides, partners and local knowledge makes it a destination for diehards and weekend warriors. Many come for the ease of access to trekking peaks or even mountains like Huascaran, while the more daring set out for the Huayhuash, Sula Grande and Yerupaja, whose remote, jagged, snow-capped peaks touch the clear blue sky at over 6,600 metres. The high altitude climbing season is from April to October.

The Cordillera Blanca’s 260 glaciers are on every ice climber’s bucket list from all over the world.  Ice climbing schools hold court at the Llaca canyon while extreme climbers attempt to scale daunting, sheer walls of ice high above on sculpted glaciers.  Easy access near Huaraz gives climbers the flexibility of returning to town at the end of the day for a break and return again to the mountains in the morning.

Need Help Finding a Reputable Guide, Outfitter or Tour Operator?

This season we have decided to partner with, Peru Expeditions, Huascarán Wilderness Adventures and Hatun Machay to provide a complete catalogue of outdoor activities and expeditions into the Cordillera Blanca, Huascarán National Park (HNP) and the Huayhuash reserve. With years of local knowledge and experience helping our guests organize their stay here in Huaraz, we feel we can help you partner up with the right provider
for the right trip… and a safe, enjoyable, outdoor experience.