• The Cordillera Blanca is the highest tropical mountain range in the world, with 18 peaks above 6,000 meters and some 200 plus beautiful alpine glaciers and lakes.

    The most spectacular mountains...
  • Traditional highland villages, pre Incan ruins, high mountain passes and ancient trails… it's some of the best trekking, hiking and camping you'll ever find.

    Endless trails, trekking & hiking...
  • From Lauricocha, to the mystical Chavin and it's Shamans, the sacred Wari sites and ancient roads later used by the Incas
    to build an empire.

    9,000 years of Andean Culture...
  • Some of the most diverse, most accessible, high altitude climbing in the world. From beginners to seasoned mountaineers, there is something for every climber here.

    Insane High Altitude Mountaineering...
  • Enchanting alpine trails, stunning valleys, turquoise lakes, water falls and shear rock faces all surrounded by snow and ice covered peaks… did we mention, it's a nice ride.

    The ride of your life…
  • Hatun Machay… with over 250 bolted routes, is also an archeological site. Climb for days and enjoy the tranquil beauty and ancient energy of really a special place.

    The "Stone Forests" of the south...

March 20 - 27 / Semana Santa

Experience Huaraz during it’s biggest celebration week, Semana Santa or Holy Week. Join us for this week-long celebration, culminating March 24 and 25 with colourful processions, traditional festivities, family, friends, music and food.
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We are just finishing our new Communal Area, TV and Game Room on the third floor. Almost there! :0) Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Help us keep more plastic out of the environment.

We now have Free Potable (filtered) Water in the kitchen for cooking and refilling your bottles and canteens. Please feel free to refill all of your bottles rather than buying new from the store.

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